Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Detroit Rock City

I grew up as a Chicagoan who never really knew much about the surrounding mid-west states. But I've been catching up since I met my husband nearly 4 years ago. He has family in Michigan so we've been going to various tows there. From these visits I'm really looking forward to more adventures. We explored Detroit for only a few days, but found some pretty great things...One of our stops was, The Heidelberg Project, an interesting take on the deterioration and desolation that's swept Detroit, and possibly commenting on consumerism?? It's definitely worth checking out. 




These were gorgeous yellow bushes that were scattered all over Detroit. The loveliness around us :)

There's so much to experience in Detroit. There is a strong sense of 
community that is growing and gaining power. I believe we'll see big 
change there in the near future.

Cool things to check out...


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