Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pretty Little Carved Things: Baby Edition

Another appreciation post, for fellow Etsy shop creators. These carved toys are incredible!

Left to Right: Organic Baby Toy Rattle, Wooden Cherry Heart Baby Rattle by BannorToys. Teething Ring Necklace by Cuddlesecure. Little Wooden Toy Rainbow - Waldorf Toy - Tiny Rainbow Stacker by LittleWoodlanders

Left to Right: Personalize any Teething Toy - your choice of natural wooden teether for infants and toddlers by littlesaplingtoys. Children's Wooden Chair by fastindustries. Natural wooden RATTLE by SmilingTreeToys.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pretty Little Knit Things: Baby Edition

Every time I browse fellow Etsy shop owners' pages, I'm amazed at what I find. There's never a lack of creativity, ingenuity and beauty, so I want to highlight some of my favorite items here. 

 Pretty Little Knit Baby Things (Some Crochet Too)

Clockwise starting top left: Oatmeal Bear Toque With Trim by haleyabigail. Newborn, 0 to 3 or 3 to 6 Months Baby Loafer Booties, crocheted, wild berry by handmadebabylove. Baby Mary Janes, Baby Maryjanes, Crochet Baby Booties, Ivory, Pink by Monarchdancer. Little Miss Bow Magenta Baby Booties by pleasantlyplumpknits. Hand Knit Beige Brown Child / Baby Hooded Cardigan Sweater by woollypelican. 

Starting Clockwise from the left: Pick your color :) by Koukku. Hand Knitted Toy. Tiny Yellow Chick by NattyKnits. Crochet Baby Teething Toy / Wooden Teething Ring - wood and cotton - rainbow by KangarooCare. Crochet Birdie Rattle by lpfdesigns

Starting Clockwise from the left: Baby hand knitted woolly bunny bum striped trousers leggings by ChaosClan. 4 Knit Baby Blankets Newborn Photo Props You Pick Colors by OopsIKnitItAgain. Baby blanket in yellow hand knit by BabycraftCindy. Newborn Hat Baby Photo PRoP Funky Striped Munchkin Stocking Cap by MadAboutColour. Baby girl leggings, hand knit leg warmers for babies by Melimebabybeeshop.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Love

Morning yoga, out to breakfast, stopped at our community garden then the rest of the afternoon garage sailing!

I couldn't get over these flowers, so beautiful.

Sunday breakfast, Logan Square Farmer's Market, scored on second hand baby clothes and a long afternoon nap.

My love waiting for breakfast

Our friend Rob Cruz rocking the accordion!
Logan Square Farmers Market.

Best weekend ever.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Belly Tracking First Edition

I wanted to start this around 8 weeks, but we didn't get around to taking the photos so I started them at 10 weeks. Then, we were really air-headed and forgot a week. So, I'm making the commitment to get better at this, because I really want to have a growing belly series to reflect on later. I've seen these questionaires on other ladies' blogs, so I'm going to borrow it as well!

14 weeks and 5 days

How far along? 14 weeks and 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: Mmm, not entirely sure. Probably gained 5+ pounds. I just know my midwife says I'm gaining a normal amount :)
Maternity clothes? Yep, I've been wearing a couple pieces since 9 weeks just to be a little more comfy

Stretch marks? Not yet! I've been moisturizing since 4 weeks so Im really hoping that will help
Sleep:  Eh, a lot of tossing and turning and pee breaks

Best moment this week: First tiny/ light flutter! (and Im 100% sure thats its baby)
Have you told family and friends: Yep, we told the close family between 6-8 weeks, everyone else around 11 weeks? I think? Time has been escaping me lately...
Miss Anything? Wine and energy

Movement: Mhmm :)

Food cravings: Salad, cheese, and pizza
Anything making you queasy or sick: Olives are still the enemy. I used to love them.....

Have you started to show yet: I had two women go "Oh youre having a baby!" and "Are you pregnant?!" today. I started showing early though, first it was mostly baby bloat but its been firming quite a bit. I hear its because I have a short torso?

Gender prediction: Girl! I've had a feeling its a girl from the start, we'll see!

Labor Signs: Yikes no

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: I'd say happy, my husband may have a different opinion

Weekly Wisdom: The grass really isn't greener on the other side. I've had lots of examples this week. Im happy where we are!!

Looking forward to: Feeling consistant movement!

Pretty Little Things: Backyard wild flowers

I've been amazed at the beautiful flowers in our neighborhood. The intense pinks, the deep reds and the gentle lilac hues all seem to flow together seamlessly. This year we've been slacking on the garden front, with my husband busy with work and me laid up from morning sickness. But...I've found the cutest little flowers growing in the strangest places. Some are pretty weeds, and some are thanks to squirrels, either way they're very pretty!

These lilies are all over our neighborhood, they must have been on sale one year :)


I planted this Oregano and Sage two years ago....I think it's going to take over the world.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Breakfast for Dinner Bowl

Before I get to the super delicious dinner that I made last night........Watching Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney on the Concert for the Queen rocked my week! (Hearing "Our House" was pretty great too)  I tried really hard to dance but these round ligament pains and pinched nerve thing have made it very difficult. Not cool. But, had to say, I love you Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. You've made a sore pregnant lady very happy. 

Black Bean and Egg Breakfast Bowl

My obsession with breakfast bowls started a couple of years ago at a restaurant around the 
corner from our apartment. They have this dish called "The Trucker Bowl" that's loaded with gravy, sausage and biscuits. Ahh I miss that, but since I found out I have Celiac Disease I've had to move on to a different kind of bowl, as it turns out a somewhat healthier bowl. Though I love this restaraunt and continue to go there, the one drawback is they have short hours, which is what inspired me to come up with my own adaptation!

This is a fairly simple dish, that all together takes about 30 minutes, though the majority of that time is cooking the rice. So if you have a kitchen to clean, a blog to keep up with or a book to read, put the rice on and enjoy the free time until it's done.

Now I make this a little less healthy by adding bacon (it's my weakness) but you can substitute it for a lot of healthier alternatives. Turkey bacon, tofu or a lean sausage would work nicely. Or skip it all together! 


 Next you want to prep your veggies. I use: a little bit of onion, kale or spinach, black beans, avocado and some diced tomatoes. Last night I put a couple of tablespoons of salsa in (instead of diced tomatoes) for a little kick.

Chopped onion

Saute the onion with a couple glugs of olive oil until they turn a nice light brown, then add the kale until its cooked down. 

If you're using canned beans, heat them up in a small sauce pan. I like to drain and rinse the beans thoroughly then heat them stove top for 4 or 5 minutes with a little chicken stock, you can use water though too. Drain the beans gain and add them and the veggies to the rice! (Here's where you'd add salsa/diced tomatoes and the avocado and sour cream too)

Last step, add eggs. I love eggs over easy and/or sunny side up. When you break the yolk and mix it all together, it adds beautifully to the dish making it creamy and really melds all of the flavors together. But if you're not into that texture adding any other style of egg or skipping it all together works too. I love to top mine off with shredded cheese and hot sauce as well because, well, I'm obsessed with cheese and hot sauce. Experiment, see what you like :)

Ta Da

There it is, a really great dish that's packed full of good and healthy stuff. Hope you enjoy!

Happily Fed Husband

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Favorite Corners

 I don't like to think of myself as someone obsessed with material objects, but I do have some items that I love dearly, and there will probably be more pretty little things in the future. 
Here are a few corners of my home that I love.

Penelope's Favorite Perch
Vintage Chair and Pillows from Paris

My Around the World Elephants
Antique Salt Statue, that Belonged to My Great-Grandmother
Flask from our trip to Tangier, Morocco


Re-introducing myself, in short

I want to re-introduce myself to the blog world, since I've been a little disorganized and a little absent in the past. So, here we are. 

I'm Nyssa, and I love art, anything vintage, crafting and photos. I married the love of my life last September and we're now expecting our first baby. We have a crazy puppy named Penelope, who is often a topic of the photos I take. I don't know if she'd be considered a puppy by her age anymore, but she's kind of a spaz.

Joey and I  

We live in an apartment in Chicago and though we hope to be able to buy a place in the next couple of year, we've made this our home. We love to travel and explore new places. With that, we love to cook multicultural dishes and are always open to new culinary experiences and ideas. There is a food restriction in our house though, the culprit? Gluten. I found out that I have Celiac Disease about a year and a half ago and have been gluten-free since, so I like sharing resteraunt and product finds occasionally. I plan on sharing photo's, recipes, craft ideas, pregnancy/baby related posts and new items that are on my Etsy shop. 
That's me and my intentions in a quick summary.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Baby Love

Baby Love
Joining us December 8, 2012
We're Thrilled!