Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Breakfast for Dinner Bowl

Before I get to the super delicious dinner that I made last night........Watching Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney on the Concert for the Queen rocked my week! (Hearing "Our House" was pretty great too)  I tried really hard to dance but these round ligament pains and pinched nerve thing have made it very difficult. Not cool. But, had to say, I love you Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. You've made a sore pregnant lady very happy. 

Black Bean and Egg Breakfast Bowl

My obsession with breakfast bowls started a couple of years ago at a restaurant around the 
corner from our apartment. They have this dish called "The Trucker Bowl" that's loaded with gravy, sausage and biscuits. Ahh I miss that, but since I found out I have Celiac Disease I've had to move on to a different kind of bowl, as it turns out a somewhat healthier bowl. Though I love this restaraunt and continue to go there, the one drawback is they have short hours, which is what inspired me to come up with my own adaptation!

This is a fairly simple dish, that all together takes about 30 minutes, though the majority of that time is cooking the rice. So if you have a kitchen to clean, a blog to keep up with or a book to read, put the rice on and enjoy the free time until it's done.

Now I make this a little less healthy by adding bacon (it's my weakness) but you can substitute it for a lot of healthier alternatives. Turkey bacon, tofu or a lean sausage would work nicely. Or skip it all together! 


 Next you want to prep your veggies. I use: a little bit of onion, kale or spinach, black beans, avocado and some diced tomatoes. Last night I put a couple of tablespoons of salsa in (instead of diced tomatoes) for a little kick.

Chopped onion

Saute the onion with a couple glugs of olive oil until they turn a nice light brown, then add the kale until its cooked down. 

If you're using canned beans, heat them up in a small sauce pan. I like to drain and rinse the beans thoroughly then heat them stove top for 4 or 5 minutes with a little chicken stock, you can use water though too. Drain the beans gain and add them and the veggies to the rice! (Here's where you'd add salsa/diced tomatoes and the avocado and sour cream too)

Last step, add eggs. I love eggs over easy and/or sunny side up. When you break the yolk and mix it all together, it adds beautifully to the dish making it creamy and really melds all of the flavors together. But if you're not into that texture adding any other style of egg or skipping it all together works too. I love to top mine off with shredded cheese and hot sauce as well because, well, I'm obsessed with cheese and hot sauce. Experiment, see what you like :)

Ta Da

There it is, a really great dish that's packed full of good and healthy stuff. Hope you enjoy!

Happily Fed Husband

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