Monday, June 4, 2012

Re-introducing myself, in short

I want to re-introduce myself to the blog world, since I've been a little disorganized and a little absent in the past. So, here we are. 

I'm Nyssa, and I love art, anything vintage, crafting and photos. I married the love of my life last September and we're now expecting our first baby. We have a crazy puppy named Penelope, who is often a topic of the photos I take. I don't know if she'd be considered a puppy by her age anymore, but she's kind of a spaz.

Joey and I  

We live in an apartment in Chicago and though we hope to be able to buy a place in the next couple of year, we've made this our home. We love to travel and explore new places. With that, we love to cook multicultural dishes and are always open to new culinary experiences and ideas. There is a food restriction in our house though, the culprit? Gluten. I found out that I have Celiac Disease about a year and a half ago and have been gluten-free since, so I like sharing resteraunt and product finds occasionally. I plan on sharing photo's, recipes, craft ideas, pregnancy/baby related posts and new items that are on my Etsy shop. 
That's me and my intentions in a quick summary.

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