Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A note to my baby boy at 20 weeks


There you are!

 First of all,  we have a name for you! We think we're giving you pretty awesome names. We hope you think so too.

Second, we're already crazy about you little man. You're moving around a ton, your daddy and Mamere have even felt you! So far, you move most when I'm eating, when I have a little coffee (sorry kiddo, mama needs a little), when we flew on a plane, and just as I lay down to sleep. But then you go to sleep too, soon after.

Third, can you please...pleaseee stop shoving all of my organs up under my left rib cage? That'd be great. Our midwife said to poke you and tell you to get out of there...but I was hoping it wouldn't come to that, I've decided to start with asking nicely ;)

Fourth, you just had a big check up. They call it the 20 week ultrasound, and you look perfect. There is now no doubt that you're a He, you little exhibitionist. Right off the bat we hear "Oh, yep...its a boy." Not gonna lie, the straight on face shot makes you look a little alien-y. So....yeah. But your little profile is very handsome, I must say.  And you have a cerebellum! Awesome. You'll use that.

Fifth, I'm definitely having cravings. You've made me want sweets, pizza, bacon and Portillos much more than normal. (Ok fine, I've always been addicted to bacon) But luckily I'm craving lots of healthy stuff too. The majority of my diet is giving us both really great vitamins. 

I've been obsessed with:
  • Fruit (especially purple grapes, pineapple and peaches)
  • Milk
  • Greek Salad
  • Veggies (especially celery with ranch dressing)
  • Gatorade/ Decaf Iced Tea
  • The breakfast bowl from The Flying Saucer
  • Reece's peanut butter cups
  • Ham and cheese sandwiches
  • String Cheese
Etc. I'm sure there will be more to come.

Sixth, I really hope that after I have you, I get my brain back. I'd really like to be a mother who can teach you new things...but with this pregnancy brain...things arent looking good. We'll see how it goes kid.

Seventh, we've been getting your room ready! Your Mamere and Papa got us your crib for an early baby shower present, and Nana was so excited she gifted us the paint for your room! It's coming together! We're enjoying being able to get some of these things together ahead of time, so we're not rushing around last minute.


Your dad is a pose expert

Ta Da! He did a good job huh?! I'll write you again soon little man.


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