Friday, July 27, 2012

Trip to Ashland

Last weekend, Joey and I flew to the West Coast to visit his mom and step-dad. In the past, we've done a tour-de-Oregon since we know people in Portland, Eugene and then of course Ashland... But seeing as though the little dood in my belly is growing rapidly and is encroaching my ribcage, we thought it best to take a direct flight and relax amongst the trees, mountains and baby deer that Ashland has to offer. For me, having so much nature around me is stunning and almost discombobulating. (Like how I used that??) Growing up in Chicago, you can see a few deer in forest preserves, and of course we have grass and trees....but mountains?! Crazy.

View from their family room

The sun coming in from their skylight was insane!

Whenever we travel, I have to do lots of research ahead of time to ensure a good gluten-free time. In my hunting, I found this pizza place called Martoli's. Inside, the walls are covered in pretty hippie band posters, and looking around you see plates overflowing with salad and a slice. During my pregnancy, Im craving pizza...a lot....but this place made me feel a little less horrible after eating. The dough was light and the sauce was fresh, unlike my usual greasy goodness. Joey and my in-laws loved the gluten-y pizza too so suffice it to say, everyone left happy. 

Amazing gluten free pizza here!

Jacksonville, OR

I loved these mosaic pillars in Seattle's airport
While Joey and I love the nature, fresh air, delicious food and sights found in Ashland Oregon, what did we do as soon as we landed in Chicago? We hauled ass to make it to Portillo's before they closed, for hot dogs and their ever addictive cheese fries. Because as much as I appreciate waking up to singing birds, I admittedly appreciate cheese fries a little more. This may or may not have something to do with the little human I'm growing. May or may not.

We are extremely grateful to Laurie and Art for such a great weekend! Ashland has now become a great little getaway, to escape from the city. We're really excited for our next trip, which will be with a little guy in hand!

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