Monday, October 22, 2012

Pretty Little Things: Holiday Edition #1

The holidays are coming, and we all know what that, family, and alcohol. Three of the best things life has to offer ;)

 So, while enormously pregnant (and dreaming of my glass of wine with Christmas dinner), I'm getting very nostalgic and starting to scope out pretty little things to embellish these next few months. Here are a few Etsy picks I've stumbled across so far.

Left to Right: Hand Knitted Pumpkin Hat by TheOwlTreeKnittingCo. Halloween Noisemaker Vintage by space24retro. Vintage Box Set of Halloween Cookie Cutters by CoopDeVilla. Halloween Baby Onsie by klzar.
Left to Right: Antique Ironstone Plates by BirdinHandVTG. Newborn Turkey Hat by mccdingbat. My First Thanksgiving by wildjuniper. Eat Drink and Get Stuffed Spoon by BeachHouseLiving.
Left to Right: Elf Hat by AnEnchantedLife87. Screen Printed Retro Santa Father Christmas Plush Toy Doll by Janefoster. Eight Christmas Atomic Glasses by UptownVintageHome. Baby Christmas Reindeer Hat by LittleMommaBoutique.

 In other news...
  • I'm 4 weeks away from term and can't believe it! We're rushing around trying to get everything done it time. 
  • KaLaLu is booming away which is very exciting.
  • I had a thought provoking experience visiting my cousin who is 5 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy. She was in labor and now its stalled. Very frustrating for her, but she's a trooper!  
  • My dog's feet smell like Fritos....they always do. My family's dog's feet have smelled like Fritos too. Why????
  • That's about it. Babies, KaLaLu and Frito feet puppies. This is my life.

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