Sunday, November 18, 2012

37 week walk

Yesterday we hit the 37 week mark. The ninth month of pregnancy, the full term point and the true final stretch. It's in these moments, that it's sinking in, we're going to be parents forever.

There's no way we can understand just how much our minds will be blown when this little man enters the world, but we're starting to make some guesses. We're looking at my belly trying to picture the little person that's grown. We're glancing at his bed imagining a little swaddled burrito sleeping (or more realistically crying) next to us. He'll be here before we know it. So, even though I'm horribly uncomfortable and wanting to sleep all the time, Joey and I are trying to spend these last moments together, reminiscing about who we've been as individualsas a couple and how we'll evolve once mama and daddy are added to our titles.

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