Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pretty Little Things Thursdays: For Her

 Pretty Little Things

Pretty Little Things Thursdays, are little collections of my favorite finds from fellow Etsy shop owners. The focus changes from holiday decorations, to baby items, to things for the home or gift recommendations. Check in and see what pretty little things I find!

~For Her~
This week, I'm focusing on things I can drop hints about to my husband for my birthday and/or Christmas...or for giving him a baby ;)But any of these could make a lovely gift to yourself or a special lady in your life.


Etsy Love


  1. Thank you so much :)) It's a wonderful collection, I love it :)

    wow, baby is coming! Congratulations :))

    1. No problem, as Etsy shop owners we have to support each other! :) I love your scarves, I hope to buy one soon, they look so cozy!