Saturday, November 24, 2012

What's new...

-We're at 38 weeks today, and practically counting every second. We'd like our baby now please...
-I'm really excited about KaLaLu's sales lately. I've been mixing my handmade items with fun vintage finds on Etsy, and I'm having to constantly re-stock the shops we're in locally. So grateful to everyone who likes our stuff!
-We had a nice Thanksgiving with family. I ate lots of potatoes, stuffing and gravy. So good.
-Chicago is getting wintery...and I refuse to buy a coat that will only last me a few weeks at most. So my belly gets cold a lot. 
-I'm infamous for catching onto shows after they're the spirit of this, I'm obsessed with Medium. What can I say, I'm a binge episode watcher. 
-And that's about all that's goin on here. Sorry, I'm a little link happy today :)

 What's new with you?
 Hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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