Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A note to my baby boy at 40 weeks and 3 days

Hey Peanut,

It's 6:27am. We're now three days post due date (honestly, a little unhappy about this) and today I've been up since 5. Woo. Before going to bed, I kept repeating to myself, " I'm going to go to sleep and get some rest. After a few hours I'll wake up with contractions or my water breaking". I said this to myself over and over hoping to make it happen. But apparently I got cut off after "After a few hours, I'll wake up...". 

Oh well. I tried.

Turns out there's not much to do between the hours of 5 and 6 while tossing in bed, so I soon found myself doing what else but... Eating. (An apple and yogurt thank you very much). While sitting in our kitchen, our vintage globe Christmas lights glowing, I started to think. I started to think about you, the world, us and everything in between. Here's what I came up with:

  • I hope you're a child that can adapt well, because you're going to have 8,000 some names. Growing up, your Papa had a different name for me every other month, and I've passed that onto our pup Penelope, and now you. I guess that's just how we roll.
    • Side note: Fun facts about your momma's childhood, some of these names included: Wa-Wa-Willimena, Pod, Punkin, Peaches, Spudley...etc. You can ask him for more.
  • You will be born into a pretty crazy world soon, but you'll be ok. You've got a lot of people in your corner kiddo, and for that you're lucky. We're lucky.
  • Patience is a virtue, but good luck with that. Now I'm not talking about waiting in line at the grocery store type patience, we'll definitely teach you that. I'm talking about the big stuff. The earth shaking, life molding stuff. If you figure out to exercise extreme patience when faced with that kind of enormity, you just may be the first. Right on. But if you don't, that's ok too. Just make sure you have the clarity to recognize those moments and wait them out as best you can. It's very rarely not worth it.
    • Side note: I haven't become a hypocritical parent just yet, though we're out of our minds anxious for you to come, we exert patience in most moments of most days ;)
  •  Your daddy and I were talking last night, about what we look forward to most about your arrival. Of course there's the holding you, kissing you, staring at you and all of those lovely things. But what we figured out, was that we can't wait to show you life. That's what we look forward to most. We can't wait to introduce you to new food from every country imaginable (ok, well maybe not every country, but pretty darn close), watch you hear and feel music for the first time, and giggle as you make a mess experimenting with paint. We can't wait to help you through new experiences, whether they be a little scary or the coolest thing you've ever seen. We can't wait to just be there. Be your guides, and be your support.

So hurry up and let's get on this, yeah?

We want to meet you so terribly, as do all your grandparents and aunts and uncles and neighbors and baby friends... Geeze. You're not even out of my belly and you're crazy popular, so don't keep the people waiting much longer, ok? Ok.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pretty Little Things Thursdays: For Baby (On Sunday)


We reached 39 weeks yesterday and things have been a little nuts. I'm beyond ready for this little boy to come out, my KaLaLu frames and such are doing awesome at Wolfbait, Komoda and Eclecticity which means I'm working non-stop, and I've been experiencing some crazy pregnant lady nesting as of late. So our apartment? Rocked it.

With all this goin on, I've been slacking on the blogging front. I sort of wish Blogger had a better app so I could do more on my phone. I can handle Twitter and Instagram because they're right there...but every time I click the little Blogger icon, I sort of want to throw my phone towards the nearest pool of water. 

So, I'm putting up  a "Pretty Little Things Thursday" post now, on Sunday. Here it goes...

6. Mobile
8. Puppet
17.Mama Bracelet

Etsy Love