Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Note To My Baby Boy: You're a month old!


Today is January 16, 2013...and you're a month old!

Hey there blue eyes, lemme tell ya whats going on. 

  • Sometimes you have really important things to say, but they usually just come out sounding like cries....


  • You're getting long! You're still pretty skinny, but you're getting little rolls on your thighs which are pretty much the best.
  • For being skinny, you eat like crazy!

  • You still wander off into deep thought. But you also love staring at Christmas lights...Or any lights for that matter.


  • You're a handsome little baldy. Well, have some hair. It's blonde and seems to have the slightest little wave. But it's probably just your dad and my desperate hope for you to have a crazy curly fro talking. You're hair isn't long enough to tell if the theres a wave yet.

  • You can be kinda grumpy sometimes...but you're so cute when you're mad. You shove your bottom lip out, and it's the cutest thing. Sometimes, if you're really mad, you'll turn bright red and hold your breath for like 10 seconds. It's impressive. 
  • So far, the thing you hate most is the chilly air when you're being changed. And I don't blame you, being cold sucks.

  • You love Bob Marley. And I think that's so cool.
  • Generally, I can calm you down by singing, which makes me feel good about myself.

Look at that face. My heart is attached to it. We love you madly.

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