Friday, January 11, 2013

Pretty Little Things:For Baby

I keep posting Pretty Little Things posts on the wrong day...So I'm pulling the "I have a newborn" card. Boom.

We're kind of baby obsessed at the moment so as you'd guess, the theme of this post is....Baby stuff! I love everything here, hope you do too. Etsy Love!

1. Penguin Pals
2. I Love My Dad
3. Elephant Shirt
4.  Lunch Bag
5. Bodysuit
6. Growth Chart
7. Alphabet Kingdom
8. Slipper Socks
9. Slouchy Pants
10. Mobile
11. Tooth Fairy Pillow
12. Penguin Hat
13. Wood Plane
14. Initial Necklace
15. Birth Print
16. Beastie Boys Onsie

 And for good measure...


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