Monday, February 18, 2013

A Note to My Baby Boy: You're Two Months Old!

Oscar! Two days ago, you turned two months! So crazy.

  • Oh my sweet boy, that smile melts me instantly. 
  • At this point you could pretty much get away with anything with one I need to start building up my resistance, though I'm guessing it'll be near impossible. 
  • Your first social smile was to me, on your daddy's birthday (January 19th). We knew it was real because two days later you gave daddy lots of smiles during the night, then me the next morning. I was a total sap and cried.

  • You're getting my dimples! Well, at least on your right cheek you are. We'll see if both come in. 
  • You're still a funny mix of both your daddy and I. Some days you look like a little me, some days you look just like daddy. 
  • Even on days that you look like still look like you. You are your own little dood, and I love that.

You're so stinkin' cute.

  • You are a little hulk babyYou love kicking your legs and throwing your arms around. You rock tummy time, in fact you love it. 
  • We've got to watch out when you're laying on our chest now, because within a second you may think something on the other side of the room is fascinating and lunge towards it. Patience and a little warning would be nice...
  • You have a few times of day where you're alert and super curious. You look at books when we read them, take in your surroundings at restaurants, and stare at Penelope when she comes to lick your face.
  • You've also started talking and telling us stories! You have the cutest little voice. Sometimes daddy plays you guitar, and you sing along with him. Pretty much kills me every time.

  • You still love reggae.
  •  Your eyes are still a gorgeous blue. I think they'll stay.
  • You're apparently in a mullet phase. We keep trying to tell you it hasn't been cool since...well ever...but we're respecting your decision.

  •  Though you have your moments, you're overall a really chill and happy guy.
  • You think your daddy and I are hilarious, which we'll eat up since it'll last a such a short time.

    Those legs. Those feet.


    You're the best. We love you to the moon.

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