Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Note To My Baby Boy At: 3 Months

Buggy Boo,

You're 3 months old!!!

  • Goodness, 3 months already??? You're practically 18! 
  • You my son, are a smiley, happy boy.

  • You're getting big! I'm estimating that you're about 12 lbs. and 24 inches long.  You're tall and skinny.
  • Though you're growing fast, you're still pretty teeny-tiny, which is fine by me!

  • You're kind of in a "My hands are delicious" phase.

  • You reaaaally like them. 
  • And sometimes you like eating ties...

  • You are an incredible little boy. So full of curiosity and amazement.

  • You're always looking at your surroundings, taking everything and everyone. 
  • We love watching you learn!

  • You LOVE standing up like a big boy.
  • You love tubbies, but not getting out of them...
  • We've heard you giggle three times starting last week, but no regularity to them. Keep em' comin' mister!
  • You have showed us that you can sleep 6-8 hours a night in the last two weeks. And we love you for it. Seriously, you're the best. 
  • You love watching us eat. You've even tried the tiniest bit of banana once! I think food's gonna be your jam. 

  • You're eyebrows are crazy! You move them in such interesting ways. 
  • You are extremely chatty. (you have been since two months though). You move your mouth with purpose, and your eyebrows follow.

Oh my love, you take my breath away at least 10 times a day.