Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Note To My Baby Boy: You're 4 Months Old!


Four months, are you kidding me? Geeze. To make yourself even more grown-up-er, guess what you did for the first time today?


Thanks for planning it out like that, daddy and I really appreciated being there and being able to photo document since we're usually much too slow at getting our phones out. I'm so proud of you my big boy. I could just eat you. 

So these photos are a little different than the past. You're harder to keep still, so many are blurry (especially the rolling over ones). But I like that. It's showing who you are and what you're doing at this stage, so blur it up!

Here they are!

"Oh hey mom, you're taking my picture? Cool, I'm just hanging out, not going to accomplish any milestones or anything..."

Beginning of side wobbles





 Did it!

(He actually did all but the last second really slow. He got onto his side, hung out there for a minute smiling, then rolled over! It was great. Since he did it slow and steady he didn't freak himself out. I think the look on his face in the last one is from Joey and I squealing and shrieking good job!)

So in other news....You're still adorable.

-You are hardcore teething, and it stinks. You've turned into a fine young cannibal, (heh) and gnaw on our hands most of the day. You're just starting to figure out teething toys, but really you prefer our fingers.
-You're starting to figure out crocodile tears, you little punk ;)

-You poor kid. You have about 3,000 names. Not sure how you'll figure out how to respond to Oscar... On that note, your most recent is Sugar/ Shoog. Who knows...
-You're beginning to have a more contentious relationship with hiccups.

-You're getting long. In onsies your still pretty much in 0-3 or 3 months, but sleepers you've jumped to 3-6 or 6 months. String bean.
-You're super squealy lately. You're experimenting with your voice.

-You've got this adorable little swirl of hair on the very top of your head. Don't give me that look, its true and its cute.

-You're grabbing at things more, well trying to at least. Accuracy while reaching is not your strongest suit, but we're getting there. 
-You are an incredibly loud sleeper. As I'm writing this, I hear you blasting out of the monitor.
-You've now tried banana, avocado and guacamole. Still not quite ready for eating solids, but you're definitely curious and interested in little tastes.
-You're still a little Stingey with giggles, but generally I get a few a day :)

I love you more than words could say,


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