Monday, April 15, 2013

Food and the City: Blue Star Bistro

 Blue Star Bistro 

1209 N Noble St  
Chicago, IL 60642

Holy Elk Sausage, this place is good.

Let me start off by saying, this was not your run on the mill dinner. We ate.... listening to live opera....opera! Now I'll admit, when I called to make a reservation and the waiter told me they might be booked because it was "opera night",  I got nervous. Real nervous.

But, we were pleasantly surprised at the performance! They mixed classics with show-tunes (which made it less intimidating) and won us over  with their impressive control and sheer volume. Plus they had a fun sing-a-long at the end. The fact that we enjoyed 'Opera Night' says a lot about this group. Though we like a few musicals and respect opera, they're generally not our first picks. So hats off to Opera Inter Alia!

Now onto the food, as you'll see we went a little crazy:

The Group Shared: The Cheese Plate, the Sausage Platter, and Bacon Wrapped Dates. These were all incredible. Not only do they give you a decent amount of each, they add an artistic edge to the plates. The layout was thoughtful and beautiful. The sausage plate had  great assortment including brats, elk sausage and chorizo. I have never had elk sausage, but fell madly in love. Personally, I could have passed on the chorizo but others at the table enjoyed it.

Nyssa had: Small Plates: Tomato Basil Soup, Shrimp with garlic and peppers, house made Gluten-Free Flat-bread and a few bites of their Blue Corn Grits with Blackened Shrimp. The soup was bright and fresh, the garlic shrimp was cooked perfectly, their flat-bread was made really well and though I loved the blackened shrimp, I wasn't as crazy about the grits. They were alright, but a little intense for me. There's a sharpness to the end of the taste that I couldn't fully get past. For desert I had my most favorite thing ever: Cappuccino Pots de Creme. Seriously, this dessert is life changing. After eating this, you will never be the same, and will most likely spiral out of control craving it. And I'm still not doing it justice. 

Joey had: A Black Angus Burger on a Challah Bun with Bleu Cheese. He thought it was great, but it wasn't vastly different than other burgers he's had. 

Oscar had: Crazy dreams while he slept through the opera.(I'm assuming). He was awake for a little while though, and had fun dancing to the upbeat songs. I think the performers and patrons were a little nervous seeing a babe walk in, but he rocked dinner and got lots of smiles. 

Papa had (my dad): Skirt Steak with Garlic-Parmesan Bruschetta. He was a happy guy.

GeeGee had (my mama): Small Plates: Blue Corn Grits, Kobe Beef Sliders and Mac 'n Cheese. She savored every bite. The sliders came with Truffle Oil Potato Chips that were out of this world. Severely addictive. The only thing, was that the shrimp in the grits were slightly undercooked, but at that point she could hardly care because she loved the rest of her food so much.

Pro's: It's slightly hidden which allows for good street parking, decent price for the quality of the food, interesting dinner performance, and exceptional service. They also have an open kitchen which I love to see. Nothin to hide.

The night we went, they had a huge party that arrived late, plus this opera event so they were slammed, and our poor waiter was obviously stressed. We barely noticed the wait for our appetizers, when he came up an let us know our bottle of wine was on the house. He also made one mistake, (which I wasn't even that bummed about) and greatly made up for it by a few "extra unneeded dishes" wandering onto our table.

Con's:  Their site doesn't have great information. It didn't show that had anything special happening the night we went, it wasn't until I called that I found out about the Opera. Also, you can't find the desert menu, which is arguably the most important section.

If you cant tell,  I love this place. This is our third time here and it's gotten better and better. Definitely check it out!


  1. After reading this now i want to go!!! Take us next time!!!

    Auntie Sherry