Sunday, April 14, 2013

Food and the City: Honky Tonk BBQ

Honky Tonk BBQ

1800 S. Racine
Chicago, IL 60608 
(Click photo for their site)
Pretty darn great.

Nyssa and Joey had: Simple but great, we ate the hell out of their Baby Back Ribs and a side of Greens. We did get the Candied Bacon, which sounds like heaven ontop of heaven, wasnt as incredible as I thought it would be. It was good...but it lacked something. Maybe we felt a little weird about it since it's served cold. Didn't stop me from eating the whole dish though!

Oscar Had: A great time watching and listening to the live music, also he spoke highly of their flickery candles.
Pro's: Awesome atmosphere (lots of great artwork and a beautiful bar), Great food, Gluten Free Friendly, Live Music.

Con's: Parking sucks in that stretch of Pilsen, Not the biggest portions, but adequate.

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