Sunday, April 14, 2013

Food and the City: Mariscos El Veneno de Nayarit

Mariscos El Veneno de Nayarit

1024 N. Ashland Ave 
Chicago, IL 60622

 If you love seafood and spicy food, go here. Quickly.

Nyssa Had: Camarones al ajillo. Spicy and garlicky, my two favorite things!

Joey Had: Caldo de Pulpo. Octopus Soup. He claimed it to be "hearty and tender". 

Oscar Had: An OK time looking at the turquoise walls and hearing patrons speaking Spanish and Russian. He was sleepy and cranky after a while though, so he checked out and requested motion. 

Pro's: Fresh Seafood (they must have an awesome dealer, we're a little jealous), Spicy spicy food (they make things authentic and don't worry about offending anyone), Generous portions. 

Con's: This place gets really crowded during the evenings on the weekends. If you want to go on a Friday or Saturday, go early. 

Tip: Speaking a little Spanish is helpful when going here. A few of the waitresses don't speak very much English. But no worries, either way you'll get your food!

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