Thursday, April 18, 2013

Top 6 Baby Products (At 4 months)


1. JJ Cole Bundle Me - We wouldn't have gotten through the winter without this. We still use it daily since Chicago Spring is generally not so cozy, and Oscar loves it!
2. Babo Botanicals Wash and Lotion - We switched to this wash and lotion after eczema was suspected in Oscar. It's gentle  and we love the scent!
3.Skip Hop Wipes Case- Keeps wipes handy and moist! 
4.Baby Einstein Car Mirror- Oscar is unique, in that half of the time....he hates the car. We think he gets lonely if he's in the back seat by himself (especially at night), so we got this mirror which lights up, plays music and lets him stare at his handsome self!
5.I Love You Stinky Face- I love this Mama and Son book. So sweet! 
6.Uppa Baby Cruz Stroller- We're crazy about this stroller! It's light, rides well, and fit perfectly in any trunk I've put it in. It has a huge storage basket (huge plus!) and adapts with our Maxi Cosi car seat fairly easily.

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