Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We're Moving

Just wanted to stop in, and say hello.

Joey and I got the condo we were hoping for, so the last couple of weeks have been completely insane packing and renovating. That being said, KaLaLu stock is a little low on Etsy, but this will change once unpacking commences. All of our local stores are stocked though!

I can't wait to share our new place with you!

Baby fix:

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Note to My Baby Boy: You're 5 Months Old!


You're 5 months old, woo! You're getting more and more handsome with each day. We're constantly getting stopped on the street by people complimenting you!

 This may be my favorite photo of you ever. It perfectly describes you.
You're a silly goose! Down and all, my little fuzzy head.
 You're always moving!
 You have the most gorgeous eyes known to man. It's a fact.

Lately you're making me get creative. You've seen all my good standby faces, and your bored. You want new material, so I've got work ahead of me. You do love when Daddy and I dance crazy for you though. It's kind of the best.
Sometimes you look just like Daddy...
And sometimes you make faces just like me. 

  • You're a ham, you love the camera. 
  • You are also a child of your generation, and already grab for our phones. 
  • You often want to eat "The baby in the phone" also known as "The baby in the mirror". You like that guy. He's good people.
  • You seem to dig veggies more than fruit, which is a little weird...
  • You're a giggly little monster.
  • You get really distracted while eating, everything is happening and you don't want to miss it!
  • You're majorly drooly. Your poor toofs :(

You guys are buds. She's got your back.

I'll eat you up I love you so

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Morton Arboretum

No editing or filtering of any kind. The colors were incredible!




Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful first Mother's Day. I'm a lucky lady. 

We started with a couple of family portraits. We're really good at them...haha.


 (We laughed at this for about 20 minutes last night)

Since Oscar slept through most of the days activities, just before bed we had a mini photo shoot. After taking these, Joey tucked Oscar in and I started to think about how the first 5 months of motherhood has changed me and what I've learned. This is what I've got so far:

Motherhood has taught me how to love someone in a way I never knew before. The enormity of this love is breathtaking.

Motherhood has taught me that my skin is mostly there for my child's pinchy enjoyment.

I've learned that even the toughest days can be remedied by making goofy faces with your kid.

Becoming a Mama has brought me dangerously close to cannibalism.

Becoming a Mama has also made me ultra sappy. I cry at pretty much everything.

Motherhood has taught me that these little creatures are hard work, but they are the best gifts that life allows us.

The most important thing I've learned, is that I'll love this little face with every ounce of my being for ever and ever. He'll always have my heart in his hands.