Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Note to my Baby Boy: You're 6 Months Old!

Baby boy. You're hilarious. You've been blowing our minds lately. You've hit this new level of comprehension and alertness, and we love it.


You're seconds away from crawling. You get really frustrated that you cant move well, and start flailing your arms and legs, grunting and complaining. It sort of looks like youre trying to fly.
 You broke your first tooth last week! Bottom right. That thing is a big jerk. 
You're still pretty bald. Fuzzy as all get out, but bald. 

We were just at Demi's wedding this weekend in Vegas. You were so good. You wont remember, but you slept in the Moby wrap on my chest as I danced the whole night. I danced hard, you slept hard. Best baby ever. 

You're into everything!

You're favorite toys are teething beads, an elephant stroller toy that was mine when I was a baby, and a few teething rings. Though pretty much anything will do...

You sleep on your belly now. You've shown rolling over who's boss. 

You love tubbies! You're a little fish. 

I'm pretty sure you get what kisses are, and try to give them back. Sometimes you just try to chew on faces, but sometimes you're very sweet about it.

You're trying lots of new solids. You like veggies but not so much fruit. Weirdo. It's cool though, less sugar for you! Also you're starting to taste spices in food. We're determined to make you a well rounded eater! 
You are an amazing little boy. 

I love you my wonderful child

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  1. A new miracle every day with this guy! Love you, Little Man, and thanks to your Mommy for keeping track of these feats....and feet, and your Daddy. : ) Kisses and hugs,
    Grandma BB and Grandpa Art, who miss you mucho