Sunday, June 30, 2013

Top 6 Baby Products (At 6 months)

  1. We just got this, and already love it. Made from earth-friendly, Midwest wood, these "Jalopies" are fun to grasp, roll and shake!
  2. Dude loves these. I love making Oscar's baby food, but lets face it...Mama's got enough on her plate. These help out tons when I'm having a busy week, and he eats them like crazy. I really like that they involve basic spices in their food, and offer interesting meal options like Chickpea Tomato with Beef and Cumin. 
  3. Boob bottle. I'll admit, I was drawn by the design and name...but they turned out to be great bottles! They're affordable, have attachments for pumps, and travel well. 
  4. This diaper pad cover is super cute. One note, its pretty transparent so make sure youve got something under it.
  5. The rays on this toy are awesome for little mouths. This guy has been Oscar's buddy through these first teeth! Non-toxic, water based, and made in Germany. Love it. 
  6. Oh my cuteness. Baby Gap is a little dangerous in that you can't walk by one without spending over $50. There's one across the street from where we sometimes have breakfast with my parents, and we always get sucked in. BUT in our defense, there was a sale.  This is one of the outfits we picked up!  

Those are my favorites for this month. I swear by them, because I use them. Happy baby shopping!

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