Thursday, July 11, 2013

Food and the City: Dunlays on the Square


We've been here a few times now. It's one of those places where even picky eaters can find something they'd like. Their menu has most standard American dishes (burgers, sandwiches and mac n' cheese). Honestly, this restaurant is not my all time favorite. I'm more partial to its cousin "The Smoke Daddy" in Wicker Park, but they do have good food at decent prices. 

Joey had: Lobster and Shrimp Roll. He enjoyed it. I think he liked their flat-bread and salads from past visits a little more than this, but there were no complaints.

Nyssa had: Blackened Fish. I'm a big fan of this dish, though the blackened seasoning is technically from The Smoke Daddy. It's a lovely accent to the Tilapia, and I love their remoulade sauce. Grilled asparagus makes the meal perfect.

Oscar had: A few tastes of asparagus. He dug it. 

Our friends had: Margherita Flatbread and the Brussel Sprout Salad. One friend was skeptical of the flat-bread, but ended up really happy with it. The other friend is vegetarian and appreciated having a couple of options to order.

Pro's: Decent Parking (mostly metered), Full Bar, Patio Seating, and space for large tables. 

Con's: Last time we were there, we had a ridiculously rude waitress. We understand that it's a tough job and always make sure to show our gratitude, so we were surprised by her coldness. I haven't held this against the restaurant though, since we have had other great servers and special attention from the manager in regards to my gluten intolerance.

Gluten Free info: This is not the best place for gluten free food. There's only a couple of choices, but its definitely do-able.

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