Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Home: Oscar's Room

I finally got Oscar's room cleared out (for the second time). It so sweet to see him playing on the floor in his own room. We loved our last apartment, but it had its flaws. One huge flaw was the poor insulation that made newborn Oscar's room freezing. Though I decorated the room with love and excitement for my baby-to-be, sadly it never truly became his room. The only time he slept in it (in 5 months), happened to be the end of our moving day while we crazily stayed until 1am cleaning and moving the last boxes.

So as you might guess, I was thrilled to make him a real nursery. I painted stripes one by one, drilled holes and hung shelves, and almost neurotically placed each knick-knack and book in their rightful place.

Here it is! (You can see it before we moved here, and the progress of stripes here)


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