Friday, July 19, 2013

Top 6 Baby Products at 7 Months

  1. My little bug has a fairly, uh, barren head. His little fuzzy noggin' is the cutest, but unfortunately fuzz doesn't block sun rays very well, so summer hats are a must. These little canvas bucket hats are adorable and extremely affordable!
  2. This thing has been really great. We don't have room for a full size highchair in our city apartment, so this has been perfect. I also love it versatility. We've used it from 4 months, and will be able to use it when he just needs a booster.
  3. These were gifted to us from my sister-in-law, and they've saved us in many messy situations. They have a wipe-able surface which makes things 10 times easier for travel and use at home. Just don't put them in the dryer. It's not pretty.  
  4. Ergo Baby carriers are a no-brainer. They're amazing and helpful and everyone loves them. Simple as that. 
  5. Sunscreen is a tough topic. It's scary to put something on your Little's skin that we so commonly associate with chemicals. But, there are a few great brands out there, that cut out all of the unnecessary stuff and keep the sun protection goodness. One of my favorites has been BabyGanics spray sunscreen. It's easy to use and isn't thick and sticky like many others, which makes the process of application a whole lot more pleasant. 
  6. Books that cannot be destroyed. Brilliant. These baby books are "chew-proof, drool-proof and rip proof". We're collecting the whole series!

Those are my favorites for this month. I swear by them, because I use them. Happy baby shopping!

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