Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Note to My Baby Boy: You're 8 Months Old! (a few days late)

8 months old kiddo... Mama might have a meltdown simply thinking of your first birthday.

You're a little acrobat. You love being upside-down almost more than anything.

You're eyes seem more blue everyday. You're going to be trouble.

This week you figured out clapping and waving. You don't like to perform on demand though. The mood must strike you.

We can't tell what hair color you'll have. Sometimes it looks red, sometimes blonde.

You like picking grass. A lot.

You had your first road trip this weekend to visit your Great-Aunties in Michigan. You were a champ! No meltdowns!

You still think the word poop is hilarious. Typical. 

You're a silly little monkey and I love you so.

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