Sunday, August 4, 2013

New at KaLaLu

I'm so happy to have finally posted new items up on the Etsy shop. Here they are! More to come...hopefully soon.

  • I'm going to try to stick to a menu week to week. I'm sick of ordering out because we're too exhausted to cook. We love cooking! So each week I'll try new recipes and share the ones we love most here.
  • I got the iPhone 5. Which is great...but I forgot to transfer all of my "reminders" and "notes" so I lost a lot of necessary information and worse, I lost the notes that I wrote about big events for Oscar. Luckily I write my notes on here to him...but I know there were a few that didn't make it to the blog :(
  • KaLaLu will be having a super talented and lovely guest author soon, who will write about health and beauty products. She's wonderful and you'll love her!

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