Monday, September 16, 2013

A Note to my Baby Boy: At 9 months

My baby boy,

9 months...HOW? I can't believe that in just 3 months you'll be a year old. I'm already freaking out; I'll be a total mess on your birthday!

You started turning pages in books about a week ago

You're cutting 2 teeth today! Finally. You've been drooling and gnawing on things non-stop since you got your bottom teeth; It's about time these made an appearance!
One thing though... I'm pretty sure you're a vampire baby. The teeth you're getting are the ones on top, that are on either side of where your middle teeth will be. But on the plus side, as Jessi pointed out, they're just in time for Halloween!

You can now pivot while on your butt, using your heels to spin around.

You're babbling a ton. You're still mostly using Ma and Ba sounds, but you've done Da, Uh, Ha, Hi, Ya, Yuh, and Buh sounds. 

I think you may have called me Mama for the first time this last weekend. You crawled up to me, looked me in the eyes and went "Mama". You say Mama sounds a lot, but this was the first time I felt like you meant it to mean something. 

You also said "Baba" when I was making your bottle today, and before any of this, the last few weeks many people have been convinced you've been saying "Hi" to them. It's really hard to tell if you're just babbling or actually speaking, but I'm pretty sure the "Mama" thing was legit. At the least I'd like to think so :)

Since you're teething, you were very serious while I was taking photos. I only got one smile! But that's ok, those teeth are bullies.

You're still crazy about food. You go after everything we have. I don't think there's anything we've given you, that you've refused to eat. You're a champ about food, even if it's not your favorite.

You love Penelope, and she loves you. She licks you on the face like crazy, and she tries to help me out by herding you when you're doing something or going somewhere you're not supposed to. It's sometimes annoying, but usually pretty hilarious. You don't seem to mind! 

You're fascinated by Penelope. You love playing with the tags on her collar. You want nothing more than to play in her food and water bowls, but we're not so fond of that idea.

You two have entered the beautiful baby and dog relationship where she cleans up after you constantly. Whether you're covered in yogurt or you spit up (totally gross I know), she's right there ready to help!

You've also entered the stage of sharing things with her. For example, you had a puzzle piece that you offered to me, then to Jessi, then to Penelope. She knew she shouldn't, but you were persistent. So she opened her mouth and was gently trying to take it from you, but of course I had to intervene. It was very nice of you to share, but that's setting a bad precedence kiddo. I promise you'll regret that decision down the line, so for now, you play with your toys and she'll play with hers, cool? ;)

You are a little climber monkey! You are non-stop moving. It's a little exhausting, I'm not going to lie, but it's also fun watching you explore.

We have a stool on wheels that you figured out how to walk with. Then the other day, your daddy blocked the two of you in your room with the stool and your laundry basket as barriers. The basket comes up to your chest which is perfect for climbing, and you used it to escape! It slid enough for you to walk with it, and you went about 10 feet with that thing. You had this mischievous little look of accomplishment. So funny. 

You're growing up so fast. I'm honored to be your Mama.

I love you to the moon and back.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pretty Little Things: Cozy Home

I've been slacking off here lately, and I'm sorry! We've been traveling the last three weekends, and I've barely had a second to open my computer. But, now we'll be home, and I can get to typin'.

To start things off again, I'd like to share my favorites for a cozy home, from fellow Etsy shop owners.