Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Note to my Baby Boy: You're 10 Months Old!

My sweet boy,

You're 10 months old! And you're a lion!

I'm late writing this because it's been a crazy month. But, it works out because you decided to be a rock star and did a lot of "firsts" right after you turned 10 months!

On October 18th, you took your first steps! We're sort of terrified, but also really proud of you!

You are a hand clapping maniac! You often give yourself a round of applause after a rousing game of "slam two toys together" or heroically standing unassisted. You're the cutest.

You're newest word is "up"

You're loving making goofy sounds with your mouth

You've been going through a growth spurt, and have been eating like a 14 year old boy

You rocked your lion costume with no complaints

You scrunch your nose up when you smile like I do

You're giggle is still the best sound on the planet

You're strangely fascinated with Penelope's nose and eyes

You roll toy cars back and forth like a big boy

You've started pointing at things 

You crawled up to your diaper bag the other day, took out a food packet, held it up to me and clicked your tongue. You were hungry and my mind was blown. 

You're the sweetest boy who loves giving kisses. But you're also stubborn as all get out. 

You're a curious little monkey and love exploring. I love watching your reactions to new things; you're extremely expressive!

 I love you more with every breath I take.


  1. What an appropriate costume for someone so newly accomplished taking on a brave new world. Thanks for sharing the pics-- he's the best! I am a proud Auntie!
    xoxo, Brooke