Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quarter of a Century

Today, I'm a quarter of a century old. It's so funny when you put it in those terms.

Growing up, I was always a little angsty having my birthday so close to (or sometimes on) Thanksgiving. Other years I worried about getting older and what aging meant. It took me 25 years, but I'm finally ready to join in on the celebration.

 It's my birthday! I'm 25 and I'm happy!

I feel a little ridiculous that it took me so long to realize the awesomeness of birthdays, and the special connection I have with Thanksgiving. It's pretty amazing to have your birthday so close to such a loving, reflective holiday.

So in the spirit of celebration and thankfulness, I have a few things I want to jot down.

I'm thankful for my husband.

I love him so deeply. He is truly my best friend and my partner in everything.

He gives me all of his heart, every day.

He's strong enough to catch me when I fall.

My husband is one of the most genuine people I've ever known.

I'm lucky to have him by my side. Without him, I wouldn't be where I stand today.

I'm thankful for my beautiful boy.

Goodness you're beautiful.

He makes Joey and I so proud.

We are the luckiest.

He's the best thing I've ever done.

I'm thankful for my Mama, for going through hell and back to bring me into this world. This is your day too.

I'm thankful for my Daddy's undying love and support of my dreams.

I'm thankful for my family. Love you. You're all hilarious, amazing and make me so happy.

I'm thankful for the family I've gained through Joey. So many amazing family members to love.

I'm thankful for my friends I've known since kindergarten. Love you girls crazy.

I'm thankful for the friends I've met since. I can't imagine my life without you in it.

I'm thankful for my puppy Penelope who snuggles with me.

I'm thankful that I had so many wonderful years with Janey pup. I'll always miss your snuggles.

I'm thankful for the success I've had in my business.

I'm thankful for my gorgeous city. I love you bumps and all.

I'm thankful for the people who take the time to read my ramblings here.

I'm thankful for being able to say the word love so many times in this post.

Im thankful.

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Note to My Baby Boy: You're 11 Months Old!


You are getting crazy big. You're 23 pounds and Mama's arms can feel it!

When you smile you have a mouth full of teeth! Four on top, two on bottom.

 You scrunch your nose a lot, like me. Sometimes we do it in unison. 

Penelope still likes licking your face a bunch. She also herds you a lot; she helps me keep tabs on you. 

You're more curious than ever. 

You've learned how to climb onto the couch.

You're walking a lot more, unprompted. 

You do this thing now, when a woman smiles and says hi to you, you grin and throw your head to the side and down in a coy "I know I'm cute" fashion. 

You've been really into growling lately.... 

You try to parrot actions and sounds. For example, I take your feet and lightly touch them to your mouth and say "bonk". You've mimicked this twice now!

 I always want to eat your toes. I can't help it.

Also, you in leggings is my kryptonite.

You're starting to have a clear preference for songs. We can tell by what you dance to. Currently you love, "Roller Coaster of Love", "Papa was a Rolling Stone", "What Does the Fox Say", and "California Love". Good variety kid. 

 Since you were born, I haven't gone 5 minutes without smiling. 
I love you with every ounce of my being.