Monday, November 18, 2013

A Note to My Baby Boy: You're 11 Months Old!


You are getting crazy big. You're 23 pounds and Mama's arms can feel it!

When you smile you have a mouth full of teeth! Four on top, two on bottom.

 You scrunch your nose a lot, like me. Sometimes we do it in unison. 

Penelope still likes licking your face a bunch. She also herds you a lot; she helps me keep tabs on you. 

You're more curious than ever. 

You've learned how to climb onto the couch.

You're walking a lot more, unprompted. 

You do this thing now, when a woman smiles and says hi to you, you grin and throw your head to the side and down in a coy "I know I'm cute" fashion. 

You've been really into growling lately.... 

You try to parrot actions and sounds. For example, I take your feet and lightly touch them to your mouth and say "bonk". You've mimicked this twice now!

 I always want to eat your toes. I can't help it.

Also, you in leggings is my kryptonite.

You're starting to have a clear preference for songs. We can tell by what you dance to. Currently you love, "Roller Coaster of Love", "Papa was a Rolling Stone", "What Does the Fox Say", and "California Love". Good variety kid. 

 Since you were born, I haven't gone 5 minutes without smiling. 
I love you with every ounce of my being.


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