Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Note to My Baby Boy (mini)

I really meant to keep up the monthly posts about Oscar, but this month I apparently didn't have my sh*t together and now it's kind of late. I've had a lot of fun writing these and love having special moments documented, so I'm hoping to keep it going in some degree. My plan for now is to do mini updates here and there, then do the big photo session posts for landmark ages like 18 months, 2 years, etc.

13 Months (ish)

 You can locate your: head, nose, toes and tongue. 
You also know where my belly button is, but wont admit you have one yourself.
You can say: Mama, Dada, Hi, Hello, Bye, 
Bye bye, Cookie, Up, Hot, Baba, and Papa.
You're very vocal lately. You've been testing volume and pitch.
 Poor Penelope's ears.
You love to take out every toy you own....for no reason. 
You will literally take a toy out, throw it to the side, and go in for the next. And repeat. 
Silly kid. 
You're a little comedian.

You love being around people, you truly shine.

You've been extra snuggly waking up from naps lately and I love it.

You go bonkers over books. You can sit for an hour straight reading.

Your favorite books lately are: Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Gorilla, Dear Zoo, 
Little Blue Truck, and Peeka-Who?

You've been boycotting hats lately, and it'd kind of bumming me out.

I've been signing the song "Ho Hey" to you a lot the past couple of months. You now make my heart melt by asking to be held while I sing it, or when its on the radio. You gently rest your face against mine and snuggle in close while I sing, "I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart". I just teared up even writing about this.

You've loved looking at the ice that forms on the window. 
The patterns are beautiful and you recognize that. 

You've been pushing your limits with Penelope lately. Girl is a champ for some of the cheap shots you get in. For example, you've learned that she'll follow your hand when you move it while holding food. You've decided this is fun. You also like to just walk up to her and say, stick your finger up her nose, or tickle her toes. Again, girl is a champ.
(you really do love her, you're just fascinated by her)

Goodness you're fun. You're exhausting and fun and beautiful and amazing and more than I could have ever imagined. 

I love every ounce of you, with every ounce of me. 

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