Friday, July 11, 2014

A Note to my Baby Boy: You're One and a Half! (half a month late)


First off, you're welcome for this photo which will clearly be the cover of your first acoustic album.

You are a hilarious little boy (little boy?!?!).

You have an awesome sense of humor, and have a way of bringing out the silly in anyone.

You have legs for days. You're basically 8 feet tall already.

You have 60+ words in your arsenal.
Some of your pronunciations are questionable, but you get darn close.

The other day you said your first two word sentence, and it was pretty epic.
"Cute Gaga (Dada)"
Gaga was wearing one of your hats, and you thought it looked great :)

You know your head, chest, nose, eyes, ears, teeth, hands and arms in Spanish. You know a few other words in Spanish too, but those are your best.
(you also still only refer to water as aqua which I love)

You're fascinated by things. You exclaim "wow!" or "whoa!" when you see something interesting.
It is truly amazing looking at the world through your eyes, so thank you.
You've sparked something in me I haven't seen in a while.

You love going on "hawks" (walks).
You have a stick obsession.

You call dogs "god" which freaks some passers by out.

You have been bonkers over ambulances for the last few months. 
You also love fire trucks, but according to you they're actually ambulances.

Oh my dear, you have developed quite a bit of sass. Quite a lot a bit.

You are very clear when you want something, and are not afraid to share your frustration when you don't get your way.

You've also developed this sometimes adorable, sometimes hazardous habit of clinging to our legs....especially while in the kitchen.
And you've got a grip! Kid, sometimes I straight cant get your little arms off. 

But even with all this uh...interesting new behavior, you are the sweetest little pumpkin. 
You love "ugs" (hugs) and never hold kisses back.

Sometimes you'll be playing and just decide to get up and give me a kiss. And my heart explodes. 

You have a new friend and his name is Boo Boo. 
We called him Mr. Bear, but you decided that didn't suite him.

Babe, you share so well! 
I know it's most likely going to be short lived and we'll go through the "mine" phase, 
but for now you're a sharing champ.

You have so many teeth.

You've been boycotting a lot of food lately. You used to eat anything, but I can't blame you.
 Learning free-will must be a pretty cool thing.

You still love reading! Your current favorites are: 
"The Bear Snores On"
"Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late"
"I Am a Bunny"
"Goodnight Moon"

You love Pharrell's song 'Happy'. Every time I put it on you dance. You've got some moves.

Every day I am so proud of you.
Every day I wonder how I got so lucky to be your Mama.
Every day you make me a better person.
I love you to the moon and back a billion times over.