Friday, March 6, 2015

Oh man. Winter. I can't stand it. I love this city with all my heart, but every year I question my loyalty when March rolls around and its still -10 degrees. We've been held captive in our apartment for the last 4 months by said cold, and a relentless pattern of viruses.

But I don't want to complain and be negative this whole post, so lets talk about the good stuff that's happening! I'm 5 months pregnant with our second babe, Oscar started preschool twice a week and loves it, Joey's rocking his job, and we're selling our condo to upgrade to a house soon! It's going to be a big year, and I'm excited for new adventures.

I also have some goals for the direction of this blog. I've dropped in here and there promising that I'll get better about posting, but haven't really held to my word. I think I needed a break but didn't know how to admit it to myself. I was tripping on some unrealistic expectations.... "I can do it all, no problem. Be a stay at home Mama, wife, run my own business, blog, go back to school and still have time for sleep". Super unrealistic. But now that Oscar has started school, I have a teeny sliver of time to dedicate to this space, where I can document our life and my passions, the way I've always wanted to. I don't know that I'll ever get organized enough to have regular topic posts on a schedule, but you can expect a lot more pregnancy, food and toddler themed posts. Here's to a new year, new beginnings and new memories.