Friday, April 10, 2015

Paleo Snack List

This morning I saw a chiropractor for that back pain I mentioned, and he reinforced the idea that my diet is most likely influencing inflammation, and it's the inflammation that's causing pain. It's not the sole cause of this stubby feeling, but it's definitely not helping. He also gave me this sexy maternity back brace that I need to wear all the time. I'll add a picture for you to laugh at later.

While attempting to change my diet so dramatically, I know I'll have panicked moments where all I want to do is down a bag of Cheetos, and if I'm not prepared, I'll cave. So I've made a list of (mostly) paleo friendly snacks that I can choose from. Some of these are snacks I already love, the rest are from hours of being stuck on the couch in pain, searching brilliant food people's blogs. I'm going to add more ideas as I think of them/find them. If you had anything to add, let me know!

Paleo Snacks 
(np=not entirely paleo)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Paleo Pregnancy...What?

Well, I've decided to go Paleo...ish.

Before you think I'm a lunatic for attempting this while being pregnant, I'll explain my reasons:
  • I gained a billion pounds when I was pregnant with Oscar, and have already put on more weight than I wanted to this time around.
  • My gluten-intolerance symptoms ease up when I'm pregnant (no idea why), so I end up going nuts on really terribly greasy food. Basically every food I haven't been able to eat in the last 5 years, I've eaten in the last 5 months. It hasn't been pretty...
  • It's important to us to not have Oscar take on bad habits that we've acquired over the years and to understand how food effects our bodies. Don't worry, the kid will have pizza and treats sometimes, I just don't want it to be all the time. 
  • I'm learning to recognize how my body feels after eating certain food. With gluten, its always been blatant un-ignorable symptoms, but other foods are a little more sneaky. Before, I'd eat an entire chocolate bar and then atribute my sudden headache to tiredness or really anything but that little bar of heaven. Now, for example, I'm cursing myself for just eating two egg rolls, and panfried noodles with egg foo young gravy. Was my lunch delicious? Hell yes. But was it worth it? Eh. 
  • I've found a lot of recipes that sound amazing, tasty and not scary at all. When I first started looking into Whole 30 (so not doing that) and the Paleo Diet, I mainly saw repeat photos of eggs and plain brussels sprouts...not too appealing. But after digging a little more, and seeing people's creativity in recipes, I'm into it. Well, I'm into the idea of it, we'll see how the practice goes. 
  • I'm experiencing horrible back and hip issues as well as awful reflux, so if there's a chance changing my food habits can prevent me from having to pop pills, I'm gonna try it. 
  • It's good for me and the baby.
I'm not setting unreachable expectations for myself and my family. I'm pregnant and I'm going to keep eating cheese, dammit. I just want to do better. I want to eat more whole foods, prepare food at home (while rarely eating out), and to avoid processed junk. Easy enough right? Wish me luck......

-I'd love to hear about any recipes, suggestions or products that you love!-