Friday, April 10, 2015

Paleo Snack List

This morning I saw a chiropractor for that back pain I mentioned, and he reinforced the idea that my diet is most likely influencing inflammation, and it's the inflammation that's causing pain. It's not the sole cause of this stubby feeling, but it's definitely not helping. He also gave me this sexy maternity back brace that I need to wear all the time. I'll add a picture for you to laugh at later.

While attempting to change my diet so dramatically, I know I'll have panicked moments where all I want to do is down a bag of Cheetos, and if I'm not prepared, I'll cave. So I've made a list of (mostly) paleo friendly snacks that I can choose from. Some of these are snacks I already love, the rest are from hours of being stuck on the couch in pain, searching brilliant food people's blogs. I'm going to add more ideas as I think of them/find them. If you had anything to add, let me know!

Paleo Snacks 
(np=not entirely paleo)

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