Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Note To My Baby Girl: You're Four Months Old!

My beautiful girl, you're four months old!

You're a smiley little thing. People are just mesmerized by you.

You've figured out that your hands do stuff, and it's pretty great.

Please don't be mad, but you're actually 5 months as I'm writing this. The photos were taken when you turned 4 months, just not these words.
I haven't written your brother's 3 year old post yet though, so it's not a second child thing- it's a you'r Mama has been super disorganized the last 3 months kind of thing.
But I got a new planner. So I'm on it.

You're showing signs of teething, but nothing coming through yet. (phew!)

You love being kissed.

I love that you love being kissed.

You have the brightest most curious eyes.

You don't really like being held in the cradle hold anymore.
You want to be faced out towards all the action.

You'r still an awesome eater. I had a mini freak out leading up to your four month checkup, since thats when it all went screwy with your brother. But, we're lucky sweet pea. Feeding is going great and we have a kind, non-alarmist doctor now.

You are what dreams are made of.


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