Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Note to My Baby Girl: Youre 6 Months Old!

This post is a little different than normal. 
The photos aren't from just one sitting, luckily I take a million pictures of you every day.
 You are a drool machine, and your brother thinks that name is hilarious. 
This is my favorite shirt you own. It describes the strength and power of women before you, and the strength and power I know you'll have yourself.
 You have beautiful blue eyes.
You look a lot like your brother.
You started eating solids the last couple of weeks. Of course, you're all about it.
You love Oscar, and he LOVES you. 
He's seriously crazy about you. 
If you're crying he yells, "Mama! She's crying! Hurry up! Get her!!!".
He also does this thing where he goes "ahh boo!!" really loud in your face. It's your favorite.
 You have a big head. 97th percentile big. 
It's pretty darn cute though.
You are the smiliest girl. 
You enthrall people.

 Our lives have been so much brighter since you arrived.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Little Things

I'm having a total mental block. I wanted to write a positive post about how I'm managing being buried under a pitifully messy house, a statistics class that makes me want to drink all the wine, not having enough time to play with my kids because I'm busy cleaning said messy house, an adorable 6 month old who's suddenly decided to not sleep at night, a semi-neurotic dog who barks at EVERY. LITTLE. THING, wanting to do more than volunteer once a week, struggling with the idea that I'm only a volunteer at this stage of my life, falling way behind on production for my shops, realizing gluten still kicks my ass and that I need to stop eating it, and hating my current body situation......But ugh. I just cant. I just have complaining words and those don't deserve a big long blog post because I've got things pretty damn good and these things are so little. So I'm going to leave my rant here and move on. Maybe I'll come back to these topics once I'm done feeling sorry for myself.

I do however, want to write down a little resolution though (about a month late, but whatever). I want to notice the little things. The things that are easy to overlook on hectic days. The little baby things that I'll miss so much when they're grown. The messes that end up being kingdoms. Tiny hand dimples. Bath toys curated by life and use. I love these little things and want to remember them always.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Note to My Baby Boy: You're Three!?!?

Just excuse me while I sob quietly in the corner for a sec....THREE?!?!

Oh my love. I can't believe you're three.

You still call dinosaurs "dieosees" and I dread the day you don't.
You say "my bad" and "what the what?!" and those are some of my biggest parental accomplishments.
You call me Mommy now- which if I'm being honest, breaks my heart a little- but it's still pretty stinkin' cute.

You are the sweetest boy. 
You are so kind.
You are quick to share anything and everything you have.
You have deep feels and aren't afraid to show them.
You say "I love you" about a hundred times a day
You're gentle and considerate of your sister. 
And now I'm crying.......
You're just an incredible little person.

You love music. 
You run around dancing and singing your own made up songs.
You know the lyrics to most of
"Sweet Home Chicago", parts of "Brass Monkey" and a few other songs. 
Those are clearly the most important though.

You're imagination is incredible!
For the last few months, you've been various baby animals.
The entire month of December (and counting) you've been a babu fox.
You say "Baby fox here!" in the highest little voice.
The animals below: Baby fox, Turtle, and Rabbit.

You are currently obsessed with 'Blaze and The Monster Machines' and 'Wild Kratts'.
You still love 'Daniel Tiger' and 'Curious George' but you've got to be in the right mood...

You're mostly good about eating. Definitely better than when you turned two.
Lately you've been into noodles or 'worms'.
Including Beef lo mein, which is awesome.
Until you were about 2, you never ate meat. We'd give it to you, and you'd refuse.
Then all of a sudden you were interested in it.

You love playing with cars, bikes, trains, etc.
We painted a racetrack on the floor of the basement (at 1am) for your third birthday party.
So, we clearly love you a bunch.
You are incredible at puzzles.

You're still pretty shy, but sometimes you're super social.
Like around Christmas, you learned how to say "Merry Christmas" and ran around telling every person you saw.
You'd also add "And have a Happy Holidays".

My sweetest boy, you'll always be my everything.


A Note to My Baby Girl: You're Five Months Old!

Hi again. 

You're five months old! That was quick ;)

You're a funny girl.
No matter whats happening, when I look at you, you have this awesome silly smiley expression.
You have it when I just bumped my head.
When your brother is melting down about something.
Or when the dog wont freaking stop barking.
You never let me down, that smile is always there.

You are very grabby now!
You waited until four months and some change before you started reaching out for things.
But now you grab everything.
 You're also kinda pinchy, but I forgive you.

Your brother is still super crazy about you.
He pitches his voice and always greets you with "Hiiiiii Noooya".
And he looks out for you.
Like when I want to nibble on your little hands because there the most delicious things....
He goes "Mommy, you eat food!"

You're the most calm babe, but when you're mad, you're mad.
The madness is always short lived, but you get tragic.
About anything....
Holding you inward when you want to look outward?
You're a little tired?
Better scream as loud as you can for a bit.
But you're mostly so happy and so sweet.

Baby girl, My heart has known you forever.


A Note To My Baby Girl: You're Four Months Old!

My beautiful girl, you're four months old!

You're a smiley little thing. People are just mesmerized by you.

You've figured out that your hands do stuff, and it's pretty great.

Please don't be mad, but you're actually 5 months as I'm writing this. The photos were taken when you turned 4 months, just not these words.
I haven't written your brother's 3 year old post yet though, so it's not a second child thing- it's a you'r Mama has been super disorganized the last 3 months kind of thing.
But I got a new planner. So I'm on it.

You're showing signs of teething, but nothing coming through yet. (phew!)

You love being kissed.

I love that you love being kissed.

You have the brightest most curious eyes.

You don't really like being held in the cradle hold anymore.
You want to be faced out towards all the action.

You'r still an awesome eater. I had a mini freak out leading up to your four month checkup, since thats when it all went screwy with your brother. But, we're lucky sweet pea. Feeding is going great and we have a kind, non-alarmist doctor now.

You are what dreams are made of.