Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Note to My Baby Girl: Youre 6 Months Old!

This post is a little different than normal. 
The photos aren't from just one sitting, luckily I take a million pictures of you every day.
 You are a drool machine, and your brother thinks that name is hilarious. 
This is my favorite shirt you own. It describes the strength and power of women before you, and the strength and power I know you'll have yourself.
 You have beautiful blue eyes.
You look a lot like your brother.
You started eating solids the last couple of weeks. Of course, you're all about it.
You love Oscar, and he LOVES you. 
He's seriously crazy about you. 
If you're crying he yells, "Mama! She's crying! Hurry up! Get her!!!".
He also does this thing where he goes "ahh boo!!" really loud in your face. It's your favorite.
 You have a big head. 97th percentile big. 
It's pretty darn cute though.
You are the smiliest girl. 
You enthrall people.

 Our lives have been so much brighter since you arrived.

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