Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Note to My Baby Girl: You're Five Months Old!

Hi again. 

You're five months old! That was quick ;)

You're a funny girl.
No matter whats happening, when I look at you, you have this awesome silly smiley expression.
You have it when I just bumped my head.
When your brother is melting down about something.
Or when the dog wont freaking stop barking.
You never let me down, that smile is always there.

You are very grabby now!
You waited until four months and some change before you started reaching out for things.
But now you grab everything.
 You're also kinda pinchy, but I forgive you.

Your brother is still super crazy about you.
He pitches his voice and always greets you with "Hiiiiii Noooya".
And he looks out for you.
Like when I want to nibble on your little hands because there the most delicious things....
He goes "Mommy, you eat food!"

You're the most calm babe, but when you're mad, you're mad.
The madness is always short lived, but you get tragic.
About anything....
Holding you inward when you want to look outward?
You're a little tired?
Better scream as loud as you can for a bit.
But you're mostly so happy and so sweet.

Baby girl, My heart has known you forever.


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