Monday, January 25, 2016

Little Things

I'm having a total mental block. I wanted to write a positive post about how I'm managing being buried under a pitifully messy house, a statistics class that makes me want to drink all the wine, not having enough time to play with my kids because I'm busy cleaning said messy house, an adorable 6 month old who's suddenly decided to not sleep at night, a semi-neurotic dog who barks at EVERY. LITTLE. THING, wanting to do more than volunteer once a week, struggling with the idea that I'm only a volunteer at this stage of my life, falling way behind on production for my shops, realizing gluten still kicks my ass and that I need to stop eating it, and hating my current body situation......But ugh. I just cant. I just have complaining words and those don't deserve a big long blog post because I've got things pretty damn good and these things are so little. So I'm going to leave my rant here and move on. Maybe I'll come back to these topics once I'm done feeling sorry for myself.

I do however, want to write down a little resolution though (about a month late, but whatever). I want to notice the little things. The things that are easy to overlook on hectic days. The little baby things that I'll miss so much when they're grown. The messes that end up being kingdoms. Tiny hand dimples. Bath toys curated by life and use. I love these little things and want to remember them always.

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