Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Note to My Baby Girl: youre 7 Months Old!

You are super silly and super sweet.
You love sticking your tongue out.
You're eating a lot of purees but have no interest in solids...not even puffs!
You don't like any type of water contraption except for us holding water in a straw and dripping it to you like a little gerbil. 
Im convinced you're going to skip crawling.
You're giving me a million heart attacks a day trying to pull up on things.
You're really interested in everything Oscar does. 
You're a busy girl. 
Your first sound/word is Dada! You really love that guy.
You make the sweetest little sounds; I want to remember them forever.
You're happiness is infectious. No one can look at you without smiling.
I love you so much my baby girl.