Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Note to My Baby Girl: You're 10 Months Old!

Ten months! 
You're walking!
Still wobbly, and taking about 6 steps max, but walking none the less.
You're really great at finding choking hazards. I basically live every moment in fear.
But, you get the most excited, incredible expression when you successfully take a few steps. 
It's the best.
I think your first word is hi. 
The first sound you made was "Dada", and you also say "Mama". I think you mean it sometimes, but I'm sure you mean hi when you say it. "No" is a close second. 
You're so smart.
You get a lot of the things we tell you now. 
You're a girl that knows what you want.
You love food, especially food that we eat. 
I think you're sort of over purees, despite the fact that I spent a week making a ton of them.
You and your brother are ridiculously cute.
You love each-other so much.
I don't know how I got so lucky, with you two.
I love you so much. I just want to squeeze you all the time. 
(that'll be less weird sounding to you if you have a baby one day)
I cannot wait to see what comes next my sweet girl.

Love, Mama. 

A Note to My Baby Girl: You're 9 Months Old!

You're 3 months away from being a year old and it's totally freaking me out.
You're pretty awesome at traveling! We went to Mexico and you loved it.
Also, your passport photo is perfect.
As soon as we landed you were all smiles. You loved the warmth, probably since Chicago is still ridiculous in April and you were a teeny thing last time it was warm here. You probably didn't know what sunshine was until Mexico.
You loved the pool!
You started cruising between last month and this month.
You also started standing up without holding anything while in Mexico. Big stuff.
You're lips are just the sweetest. I give you a trillion kisses a day, and you kiss back! You love kisses.
You're growing fast.
 We also went to Bloomington/ Normal.
There's your cute little bellybutton.
 This was your first time in a swing!
Loved it.
 This was such a beautiful day.
You're a multitasker.
You're joy is contagious.
I love you a trillion swing rides.

Love, Mama.