Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Note to My Baby Girl: You're 10 Months Old!

Ten months! 
You're walking!
Still wobbly, and taking about 6 steps max, but walking none the less.
You're really great at finding choking hazards. I basically live every moment in fear.
But, you get the most excited, incredible expression when you successfully take a few steps. 
It's the best.
I think your first word is hi. 
The first sound you made was "Dada", and you also say "Mama". I think you mean it sometimes, but I'm sure you mean hi when you say it. "No" is a close second. 
You're so smart.
You get a lot of the things we tell you now. 
You're a girl that knows what you want.
You love food, especially food that we eat. 
I think you're sort of over purees, despite the fact that I spent a week making a ton of them.
You and your brother are ridiculously cute.
You love each-other so much.
I don't know how I got so lucky, with you two.
I love you so much. I just want to squeeze you all the time. 
(that'll be less weird sounding to you if you have a baby one day)
I cannot wait to see what comes next my sweet girl.

Love, Mama. 

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